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ASP S1 Swivel Handcuff Key



ASP's S1 Swivel Handcuff Key is easier to grip, easier to insert, easier to turn, and so much harder to lose.

Keep this swiveling cuff key handy on a keyring, long lanyard, or chain. You won’t have to take it off to use it over and over. This new ASP cuff key may not look as pretty as some of the others, but its engineering is just plain beautiful. The precisely-machined stainless steel body is heat-treated for extra strength and black chrome plated for a smooth, super-hard, corrosion-resistant finish. The main shaft is overmolded with a textured polymer grip that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to manipulate. A patented BackSet Lock Release lets you insert the shaft at any angle, for fast location of the handcuff keyway, even in the dark or when the subject being difficult. Once inserted, it’s easy to turn the shaft to orient the key to the lock, and then open it. The swivel ring at the top of the key even lets you do it all without taking the key off your keyring, or the keyring from the lanyard or chain that keeps it all accessible and secure. The result is a key that’s stronger than traditional cuff keys… and easier to use on a handcuffed subject. Plus it’s one that you will always have ready and at hand.

  • Precision-machined stainless steel body is heat-treated and black-chrome plated for added strength and hardness
  • Textured polymer overmold provides a positive, non-slip grip
  • Swivel keyring loop lets you easily orient and use the key while still attached to your keyring or lanyard
  • Patented BackSet Lock Release helps you locate the handcuff keyway, even on a moving subject, even in the dark
  • Hardened steel lock release will not twist or break off under pressure from a resisting subject
  • Black chrome with matte black polymer overmolded grip
  • Key fits Universal and Standard handcuff locks
  • 4" in length

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Great handcuff key


When I received the handcuff key, it worked smoothly, strong, and comfortable. I would recommend this key to anyone.


"What is the measurement from the bottom of the key to the first shaft? In the correctional faculties there are Emergency Restraint Chairs and one needs to have a long enough shaft/bottom key part to fit into the hole for unlocking mechanism. The bottom of the key to the bottom of the first shaft needs to be about 1"". Also, is this material durable. I bout one that looked stylish with my count's logo on it and the key part was not worth anything. Cheap metal from China I guess. The key just turns in a 360 degree turn once inside the cuff and was difficult to pull out. The key part wore out after only two months of use."

shaft is aout one inch and is made of metal