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EMI Survivor Emergency Flashlight w/ Built in Radio, Hand Held Wind-Up

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When disaster strikes the Survivor Emergency Flashlight should be an essential piece of your emergency equipment.

This wind-up flashlight is a hand held battery free flashlight. It combines radio, alarm, led flashlight  in one. It does not need any external power source. With the Survivor you can generate light and listen to the radio anywhere, anytime with the built in wind-up handle. It is a true lifesaver and can generate up to one hour of power. It measures 6½” L x 2” W x 2” D. The approximate weight is 10oz.

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"This did not come with instructions and the cell phone charger is will not plug into the correct phone charging unit. I need instructions!"

There are no instructions that come with this product, other than what is on the box, and it's possible your cell phone is not compatible to the charger.

"How long does it keep its power for?"

generate up to one hour of power.

"Can an iPhone be charged with the cell phone charger? A previous answer only tells a past customer ""it's possible your cell phone is not compatible to the charger."""

Dan this is what we received from the manufacturer when we asked them to be more to the point about cell phones; The cell phone would be a Nokia or comparable. When looking at the port we can tell you that based upon current new cell phones, like I Phone 6 etc would not be able to be recharged. Hope this clears up the cell phone issue.