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Gear Keeper Add-A-Clip Glove Holder



The fast, easy method for attaching your flashlight, PAL, gloves, or SCBA mask.

Mounts almost anywhere- your gear is right where you need it. Stainless steel stud threaded stud mount easily penetrates webbing or fabric- screws tight.

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Looking to get a second one


I've had my original glove keeper for more than 5 years now and it's followed me through two different fire departments. I originally placed the strap high on the left side of the front of my turnout coat. When it wasn't holding gloves, it held my radio perfectly where I could hear and speak into it. MUCH better than the built-in radio pockets that turnouts come with. I now want a second strap to keep on my turnout pants to keep my gloves in (hanging so my gloves are just below my jacket when I'm in full gear), and keep the original as a dedicated radio holder. I noted that it can come loose. I check the back every now and then to make sure it is screwed on tight. The threads have not stripped after all these years, and it still screws on tight, but with a lot of swinging back and forth, over time, the screw-in back can come lose. Just keep an eye on it, like anything else.

I will purchas this again !


Easy to install


"Could you guys post a video or a picture of how this clip is used ?"

i will send you a picture via email

"Does the stainless steel threaded stud jeopardize the integrity of liner material on the bunker gear?"

We would guess it would, just how much is up for debate, the trick is to attach it to 1 spot and don't move it around

"how long are the glove straps"

The length of the glove strap is 6.5""