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Gerber Multi-Plier 600-ST (Sight Tool), Black, with Black Ballistic Nylon Sheath

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The MP600 ST, a tactical multi-tool designed specifically to meet the needs of rifle-carrying military personnel, adheres to that principle.

Gerber’s approach is straightforward: craft and produce good tools that work accurately and proficiently in the hands of their users, and build them to last a lifetime. The MP600 ST, a tactical multi-tool designed specifically to meet the needs of rifle-carrying military personnel, adheres to that principal. This 14-piece 8.2 oz. multi-tool that includes a blasting cap crimper and an M4/M16 front sight adjustment tool is part of the MP600 family, a series of one-handed opening multi-tools used heavily by the US military. Thanks to the success of the MP600 series and other Gerber products, Gerber has supplied more knives and tools to the US military than any other brand. As with the bulk of our military products, the MP600 DET is built in Portland, Oregon, USA.
The MP600 ST, or Sight Tool, contains the front sight adjustment tool, the carbon scraper, and the longer Phillips driver, making this MP600 uniquely useful for the carrier whose military rifle sees frequent use. The front sight adjustment tool aids in zeroing the weapon, ensuring the user optimal performance from their rifle. Removal of carbon residue from the weapon’s bolt that can otherwise be an impediment to its accuracy gets simplified with the MP600 ST’s carbon scraper. In addition to these two critical military weapon-specific devices, the longer Phillips screwdriver rapidly tightens screws in the user’s kit, allowing for maximum time devoted to the primary objective. Its one-handed open equates to easy access for the task of clearing stubborn weapon malfunctions using the precise needle nose tip of the pliers. Carbide wire-cutters with a three-sided blade which can be rotated upon dulling means the MP600 ST’s life cycle just got a lot longer. And at just over 8 ounces, this multi-tool won’t slow its user down in carrying out their job to completion when on patrol.
This rugged multi-tool proves its clutch versatility in a range of situations. The MP600 ST contains a combined serrated and fine-edge blade for instrument economy within this multi-tool, creating better efficiency. It holds three separate sizes of flat heads, a file, and a can opener, offering its operator easy toggling between the essential implements that afford best possible improvisation under the most harrowing of conditions.
Lifetime Warranty
A simple statement stands behind every Gerber product: It will be free of defects, in material and workmanship, for as long as you own it. If your product failed while being used as intended, we will repair or replace your item at our discretion.
This warranty does not cover damage due to rust, accident, loss, improper use, abuse, negligence, or modification of or to any part of the product.
  • Saf.T.Plus™ Locking System
  • Stainless Steel Construction with Black Oxide Finish
  • Needle Nose Pliers with Blasting Cap Crimper
  • One Hand Opening
  • M4/M16 Front Sight Post Adjustment Tool
  • Carbon Scraper
  • Serrated / Fine Edge Knife
  • Carbide Wire Cutters
  • Long Reach Philips Screwdriver
  • Three Separately-Sized Flat Head Drivers
  • Lanyard Ring
  • Can Opener / Bottle Opener
  • Black Ballistic Nylon Sheath
  • Made in the USA. Imported sheath
Tech Specs:
  • Open Length: 6.61"
  • Closed Length: 5.04"
  • Weight: 8.2 oz.
  • Weight with sheath: 9.8 oz.
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Color: Black Oxide
  • Pliers Type: Needle Nose

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