Grace Industries Accountability Key for SuperPASS 3



Replacement or extra Accountability Storage Key for Grace Industries’ SuperPASS 3. 

Includes a sturdy tether which can be adjusted from 3 to 6 feet long to accomodate the positioning of your gear in its storage location. A spring snap-clip makes it easy to connect to any fixed attachment point on a vehicle seat, station house locker, or other storage location. Removing the gear from its location leaves the tethered Accountability Key behind, automatically activating the SuperPASS 3, and putting the unit is into its operational Sensing Mode. 

A clear identification window on the key allows the user or department to personalize each Accountability Key with photos, names, numbers, department ID, bar-codes, etc. to provide a quick accounting of personnel on the scene. The window cover can be easily popped off with a screwdriver, and snaps back into place to protect the enclosed information and provide instant access for rapid identification. 

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