JYD Industries Patient Protection Kit (Single Panel, Double Panel, Blanket, Bag)



This Patient Protection Kit provides a few good supplies for protecting people trapped in their vehicles.

The kit includes both a single Patient Protection Panel and double-hinged Patient Protection Panels that are easy to maneuver into the proper place to keep the trapped person safe, while still being able to see their rescuers. The kit also includes a Kovenex Blanket to keep the trapped person comfortable and safe from other hazards in the vehicle. Finally, this kit includes a storage bag for easy storage of and access to these patient protection supplies.
  • Includes 1 Patient Protection Panel (Single Panel), 1 Patient Protection Panel (Double Panel), 1 Kovenex Blanket, and 1 Storage Bag
  • Designed to provide protection to a trapped victim inside a vehicle
  • Panels are solid, see-through, and portable
  • Panels have handholds to enable easy maneuvering for gloved hands
  • Kovenex Blanket provides extra protection and comfort to trapped victim

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