Powerfully Carve Through Smoke with the New Nightstick FORTEMâ„¢ Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Lightâ„¢ Flashlight
Coatesville, PA: TheFireStore, the leading source for firefighting equipment and supplies, is excited to offer the most versatile choice for helmet-mounted, hands-free lighting: the new Nightstick FORTEM™ Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light™ Flashlight.

Specifically designed for firefighters who enter non-permissive environments, it features three user-adjustable flashlight modes: high (250 lumens), medium (100 lumens), and low (25 lumens). Coupled with an independent, 115-lumen floodlight mounted at a 45-degree downward angle, this innovative light is an ideal choice for firefighters who appreciate top performance and convenience.

“The Nightstick FORTEM™ Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light™ Flashlight is the latest innovation to Nightstick’s helmet-mounted light selections,” said TheFireStore Merchandising Specialist Jeff Cole. “Its 250-lumen output capability is a great feature that will enable firefighters to see in any environment, and its downward-angled floodlight will enable firefighters to illuminate the ground as they navigate through smoky conditions.”

Firefighters can easily mount the Nightstick FORTEM™ Intrinsically Safe Helmet-Mounted Dual-Light™ Flashlight to any fire helmet or side-brim hard hat, regardless if it has an up- or down-turned brim. This is achievable thanks to a multi-angle adjustment feature that allows the wearer to position the beam anywhere it is needed, thereby removing the need for goggles, face shields, and other helmet-worn gear.

The light’s lumen output can be adjusted to compensate for any light-related deficiencies experienced in virtually any environment. In dual-light mode, which consists of both the flashlight and the floodlight turned on simultaneously, firefighters can get up to 150 lumens. Its green, rear-facing LED light allows team members to easily identify each other in smoke-filled, dusty environments with little-to-no visibility.

Additionally, the light is dustproof and waterproof and meets the NFPA-1971-8.6 requirement (2013). Some other specifications include:
  • beam distance: 203 meters (high)/126 meters (medium)/64 meters (low)
  • floodlight color: white
  • length: 3.2 inches (81 millimeters)
  • width: 1.4 inches (36 millimeters)
  • weight: 6.5 ounces
  • head diameter: 1.1 inches (29 millimeters)
  • body color: green
  • power source: CR-123 lithium primary batteries

For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit TheFireStore.com.

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