Witmer Public Safety Group, Home of TheFireStore, Acquires Our Designs, Inc. 06.13.2017
Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. (WPSG), parent company of TheFireStore and the nation’s leading multi-channel distributor of public-safety equipment, supplies, training, and service, is excited to announce their recent acquisition of Our Designs, Inc., the world’s largest retailer of gifts and accessories geared toward firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical professionals. 
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The RAMFAN® EX50Li, Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator Offers the Highest Levels of Versatility for Firefighters 05.10.2017
TheFireStore is excited to offer a perfectly balanced, cordless PPV fan specifically designed to feature maximum versatility and powered by the latest, Lithium-Ion technology available to best suit specific, fireground-related needs: the RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose VentilatorRead More »

The Selfless, Determined Commitment to Helping Others Is Symbolized in New Thin Red Line Product Offerings Now Available at TheFireStore 04.18.2017
TheFireStore now features a number of Oakley products that embody the spirit, pride, and familial loyalty that the Thin Red Line has come to represent among the firefighting community. 
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New, Exclusive Reflective Radio Cases for Motorola Radios Available from TheFireStore 04.18.2017
TheFireStore is excited to now offer, for the first time, reflective radio cases to specifically accommodate Motorola XTS 2500, XTS 3000, XTS 3500, and XTS 5000 radios.
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Wear Your Commitment With Pride With QALO Thin Red Line Rings 03.21.2017
The QALO Thin Red Line Silicone Ring, an enduring symbol of your devotion to your spouse, is specifically designed to address safety-related concerns that firefighters commonly face. Read More »