Badge ID Requirements

All Badge ID's must be accompanied by a current Driver's License for additional security purposes.

1. Badges that reference Law Enforcement Agencies or Titles (ex: Police, Officer, Sheriff, etc) must fax or email official photo identification card.

2. Any Explorer Badges for Police Departments must provide an official authorization form from that Department stating that Explorers are authorized to wear Badges at their Department.

3. Badges referencing Homeland Security must be accompanied by an official letter from Homeland Security authorizing the purchase of the badge.

4. Transit Authority is now a part of Homeland Security; therefore, Badges representing Transit Authority may not be manufactured for any individual Transit Authority Employee.

5. Anyone requesting "Authorization to Wear Fire Arms" must provide proof of such before the badge will be manufactured.

6. Florida State Seals are exclusive to Law Enforcement Personnel: NO EXCEPTIONS

7. Due to security issues we can order badges with Federal seals, but they cannot be shipped to a PO Box or personal residence. Badges with a Federal seal must be sent to your department. If they are not then they must have a letter with permission for the badge.

8. US MARSHAL badges must be issued by the US Marshal Service only. Neither Blackinton or Smith & Warren are allowed to manufacture these badges.

Authorization Forms & Photo Identification can be faxed to
1-888-335-9800, emailed to: [email protected] or mailed to: TheFireStore, Attn: Badge Dept, 104 Independence Way, Coatesville, PA 19320. Your badge order will not be processed or manufactured until we have received all necessary information. Please note your order number on any information you send. We will keep your information on file so you will not need to send it every time you order.

All badges will be further reviewed by our Badge manufacturers, who may request further proof of identification or refuse any badge ordered based on their rules pertaining to the manufacturing of badges.

These requests are to protect all of us from individuals fraudulently wearing badges for the wrong purpose. We appreciate your cooperation.