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Not per-plan. Not per-user. Not per call.

  • Unlimited Preplans
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Photos/Images/Attachments (within reason)
  • Unlimited Mutual Aid sharing with other organizations (e.g., police departments) Fire Departments

Pricing is based on the “size” of your fire department as a measure of the value that Blazemark can provide you, and a measure of how much support you may need.

Annual Subscription per number of stations:

(1) $500
(2) $995
(3) $1,100
(4) $1,250
(5) $1,500
(6) $1,600
(7) $1,750
(8) $2,400
(9) $3,000
(10) $3,500
(11) $4,250
(12) $4,750
(13) $5,000

We understand that smaller fire departments may have extenuating circumstances and need financial help on the cost. Contact us -- we always find a way to help get you into pre-planning and staying safe!

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No problem! Take Blazemark® for a FREE 30-day test. You’ll see how Blazemark delivers clear, consistent information that saves time and money while protecting the lives of first responsders and those in the community.


  • No hardware or software needed
  • No user or station licenses required
  • Easy online sign up
  • Unlimited users and sharing
  • Free software upgrades

Blazemark® --- the modern approach to sharing critical information --- puts the power of intuitive, web-based software in your hands…and vehicles. Designed for preplanning and communicating pre-incident information as well as preplanning for highway interchanges, rail yards, crude oil rail lines, transportation centers, and amusement parks, Blazemark delivers clear, consistent information that saves time and money while protecting the lives of first responders and those in the community.

User-friendly. Clear. And consistent.
Because Fire Planning Associates, developers of Blazemark, works on the NFPA 1620 committee, the software matches the standard for pre-incident planning. Rather than trying to pull data together on the fly from different users or desktop systems, your information is in sync. Blazemark is simple to use, share and deploy.

Quicker, more cohesive response.
Whether you’re en route or on-scene, applying the Blazemark preplans is easy. By intentionally filtering vital information, responders and other personnel can quickly grasp the operations and hazards of the building. From photos, maps and drawings to real-time traffic and building webcams, everything you need to know is at the ready.

Responders work together seamlessly.
Sharing critical information is imperative when multiple individuals are responding to a call. With just a simple web browser, entering information about sites, structures, protection, water supplies, hazmats, etc. is fast and easy. You can also produce a printable copy of a PDF for offline use and/or hard-copy storage. Blazemark’s multi-level security access (via a 24/7 high-availability server) delivers true “mutual aid” and response team interoperability.

Click Here to download the Blazemark Software and Security FAQ document.

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