National Gas Meter
Service Center

Analysis - Diagnosis - Calibration - Repair

How long does the diagnostics take?

Only about 15 20 minutes if; 1) your unit arrives with a charge and; 2) your problem is noted on the incoming paperwork. If the problem is other than what is noted, it may take up to another half hour to determine cause of failure.

How long will it take to service/repair the gas meter after the diagnostics?

One hour is allocated for most standard repairs (sensor replacements), including calibration. More complex repairs can extend beyond an hour.

Once you receive the unit, how soon can I expect my gas meter be returned to me?

We will do everything we can to return your unit in an expeditious manner. Depending on when we receive the unit; and, providing you have sent us a model that is currently in service, it could be as few as 2 - 3 days or it could take up to a week.

Can I buy an extended warranty?

No, we do not offer an extended warranty. Our standard warranty is 90-days on workmanship. We default back to the parts manufacture on their warranty.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

Yes. Our standard method of shipping is by ground. There is an additional fee, based on your geographical region, if you wish to expedite your shipment.

Can I pay for expedited repair service?

No not at this time, but may offer this in the future.

Gas Meters in our Repair Service Catalog:

  • MSA Altair4: Multi-Gas (O2, LEL, CO, H2S)
  • MSA Altair5: Multi-Gas (02, LEL, C), H2S)
  • MSA Altair Pro Single Gas
  • MSA Biosensor Biological Detector
  • MSA Escort ELF & LC Sampling Pumps
  • MSA Explosimeter: Single Gas *
  • MSA Gascope: Single Gas *
  • MSA Gasgard: Single Gas *
  • MSA Galaxy: Automated Meter Calibration System
  • MSA HAzMatCad: Haz/Mat chemical agent detector
  • MSA Microgard: O2, & LEL *
  • MSA Minder: Single Gas
  • MSA Mini CO: Single Gas *
  • MSA Model 2A Explosimeter: Combustible Gas Detector
  • MSA Model 260 *
  • MSA Orion: Multi-Gas
  • MSA Orion-G: Multi-Gas and leak detector
  • MSA Orion Plus: Multi-Gas
  • MSA Pulsar Plus: Single Gas *
  • MSA Passport: Multi-Gas *
  • MSA Safe-Site: Multi-Threat detection system
  • MSA Sirius: Multi-Gas with PID
  • MSA Solaris: Multi-Gas
  • MSA Tankscope Cumbustible Gas Detector *
  • MSA Titan Combustible Gas Detector
  • MSA Universal Remote Pumps
  • MSA Watchman: Multi-Gas

* based on parts availability