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PGI Carbon Shield Bandana



The PGI Carbon Shield Bandana is comprised of a two-ply Carbon X knit with elastic around the top.

The bottom is bound with slits at the shoulders. This black bandana is a must for wildland firefighters looking for face, neck, and ear protection. Wear it around your neck and do a fast pull up when situations warrant the extra protection. Also aids in eliminating the inhalation of dirt, ash and dust while working on the front line. Flying embers will not burn through!

Carbon Fiber Specs
Carbon Shield is a flame resistant fabric breakthrough based on carbon fiber technology. The fabric simply won't burn in air. Tests show that Carbon Shield doesn't shrink, crack or decompose when exposed to direct heat or flame at temperatures exceeding 2300 degrees F (1300 degrees C) for over 90 seconds. In comparison, the leading flame resistant fabrics burn, begin to shrink while charring, then crack and decompose. This is all in about 5 seconds. Carbon Shield is manufactured through a proprietary cooking process where the yarns receive their initial carbonization. This process of carbonizing the fiber, by actually forging it in fire, is what sets Carbon Shield apart from all other flame resistant fabrics. There's no room for compromise when it comes to protection. Carbon Shield is the ultimate high-tech fabric for thermal protection and comfort.

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