What are rewards points?

REWARDS Points are perks you recieve for being a member. You can use your points to receive discounts on future purchases.

How do I earn REWARDS Points?

Members earn 2% back on every purchase. Plus you can earn REWARDS Points on your birthday, anniversary of your first date of service, and when you refer a friend. Not a member? Sign up now, it's free and easy! BECOME A MEMBER

How do I redeem REWARDS Points

REWARDS Points can be redeemed at checkout. You must be logged in under your account when you checkout in order to redeem your points. You can redeem all or part of your available REWARDS Points. REWARDS Points earned on purchases will be available for redemption 30 days after the date of purchase as long as the merchandise has not been returned. REWARDS Points gifted to you for your birthday, anniversary or for referring a friend will be available immediately.

Can I earn or redeem REWARDS Points if I check out as a guest?

No, you cannot.

Can I redeem my REWARDS Points across your family of brands?

YES! You can redeem your available REWARDS Points on TheFireStore, OfficerStore, theEMSstore, OurDesigns, or GideonTactical regardless of which brand you earned them on.

Will my REWARDS Points expire?

REWARDS Points will expire after 1 year.

Can I redeem my previous balance of FireBucks, CopCash, or LoyaltyBucks?

No, your previous balance is not transferrable.