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Safariland Model 6004 Tactical Holster, Tactical Black, Hood Guard

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Proven on duty. Safariland’s SLS Rotating Hood holsters are given a tactical mission.

With the 6000 Series of Tactical Duty Holsters, Safariland has put their most dependable SLS Duty holsters on an advanced thigh-mounted tactical platform specifically designed for the rigors and ever-changing demands of tactical duty.

As part of the Safariland Tactical Leg Shroud System, this top-quality thermal-molded SAFARI-LAMINATE™ Self Locking System (SLS) holster delivers superior protection for your pistol or revolver, uncompromising comfort, and a whole new level of versatility. Whether you’re on a long, slow stakeout or a high-speed operation, you can depend on the Model 6004 to fit your mission—and you.

The Model 6004 Tactical SLS holster is built for comfort as well as functionality. You’ll find the SLS rotating hood system ideally suited for today’s demanding tactical situations. Since there is no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. The hood can only be released by being simultaneously pushed down and rotated forward. It actually becomes more secure when upward force is applied. And it’s far less likely to release accidentally than conventional thumb break snaps.

This holster comes with the standard SLS Hood Guard. You can also order the Model 6004 with the optional SLS Sentry, or with both the SLS Hood Guard and SLS Sentry, to bring it to an even higher level of weapon retention.

A higher level of holster safety. Made simple.

Safariland's revolutionary SELF LOCKING SYSTEM™ holsters feature a patented rotating hood design which secures the gun in the holster more effectively than a traditional thumb break retention system possibly can.

SLS Self-Locking Hood: Since there's no snap, the SLS allows for a smoother single-motion draw and greater protection against attempted weapon takeaways. You simply push down on the hood and rotate forward as you obtain your shooting grip-a move that takes no more time than opening a snap. Re-holstering is faster and far easier than with a thumb break holster. You just pull back on the hood and the SLS system locks itself. No snaps. No straps. And it's all done with one hand.

Take retention to another level in practically no time with these SLS options. 
You can order your Safariland SLS holster with either or both of these popular, practical options pre-installed - or order them separately for an easy bolt-on retrofit to any SLS holster.

Safariland’s Tactical Harness & Shroud.

Always in the right position—regardless of the position you’re in. You can depend on your weapon being properly secure, yet immediately ready. The 6004 SLS Tactical Holster includes Safariland’s advanced Harness and Shroud System. The unique Safari-Laminate leg shroud incorporates dual stabilizing straps and a V-block back piece for unsurpassed stability. The entire unit adjusts to the size of your leg to keep it from moving. The adjustable drop strap mount lets you carry the holster at the height that works best for you. The result is a solid, comfortable platform for your weapon and the accessories you choose to mount along side it. You can run, climb, even crawl without the holster trying to rotate around your leg. Whether you’re standing, sitting, kneeling, or prone, your draw will be fast and efficient, allowing you to keep your focus where it belongs—on the target, not on your gear.
Solid protection for your valuable weapon. Unlike a nylon holster which can allow dents and dings to smash right through, the thermal-molded wraparound SAFARI-LAMINATE™ construction and rugged finish of the 6004 Tactical Holster provide real protection against scrapes, scratches, dents, and even substantial impact. With the adjustable tensioning device, molded sight track, and soft SAFARI-SUEDE™ lining, you can count on this sturdy, well-designed holster to provide a snug fit and full protection for your weapon through years of daily use.

The 6004 SLS Tactical Holster is available in a large selection of sizes and configurations to accommodate today’s most popular tactical weapons plus a wide range of weapon-mounted lights, sights, and accessory rails.

Choose a Model 6004 for pistols or revolvers in STX Tactical Black SAFARI-LAMINATE.
Other tactical colors may be available by special order. Please call OfficerStore Customer Service at 800 852-6088 for more information.
Berry Compliant.
Safariland Tactical 
Modular Leg Shroud and Harness System

More comfortable. More stable. More accessible. 
And infinitely more versatile.
Safariland’s advanced leg shroud and harness is a modular system that enables you to comfortably carry your weapon and exactly the accessories you want—right at your fingertips; ready for action. 

More than just magazine cases, the Tactical Leg Shroud and Harness System offers a variety of specialized carriers for flash bangs, folding knives, expandable batons, OC sprays, impact rounds, and other tactical munitions. MOLLE system adapters and accessory plates give you virtually unlimited options. If you need to carry more, you can even add a second carrier for your opposite leg, including a specialized lower-profile leg shroud with a Taser EDW holster and spare cartridge pouches designed primarily for weak-side carry.

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