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Shield Solutions Standard Diamond Plate Cleaning Kit



Make cleaning and maintenance of polished metal surfaces fast, safe and easy.

This product is designed to make the cleaning and maintenance of all polished metal surfaces fast, safe and easy. Requires no polishing or buffing and the desired effects are achieved with minimal effort. Plus, it removes rust stains. 
  • Excellent on Diamond Plate and wheels
  • Cleans and brightens aluminum, stainless and chrome
  • Replaces multiple acid blends, does not contain hydrofluoric acid
  • Will not etch or attack polished surfaces
  • Safe on painted surfaces and decals
  • Cleans and brightens without polishing or buffing
  • case of four 1 gallon bottles of aluminum and metal cleaner/brightener
  • 1 48 oz. pump up foam sprayer
  • 1 long handle brush
Kit Includes:
  • Four 1 Gallon Bottle Case
  • 1 48oz Pump Up Foam Sprayer
  • 1 Long Handle Brush

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"Is the cleaning fluid freeze/thaw stable for shipping this time of year to midwest ?"

This product is made in WI. and shipped from there, it is a water based product, I would say it would freeze if it were left outside for an extended period of time, like anything else. Not sure this answers your question, but it's the answer the manufacturer gave me 5 minutes ago.