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National Gas Meter
Service Center

Analysis - Diagnosis - Calibration - Repair

The National Gas Meter Service Center

You've answered a calling full of danger?...make sure your instruments are keeping you safe with accurate detection capability.

Introducing our new, hassle-free program for Gas Meter repair within our mobile repair area and to customers across the country. Depending on your location, our service center will arrange for pick-up or commercial transportation for your gas meter device for analysis, diagnosis, calibration or repair. Our "Total Quality" commitment will be evident in our attitude and professional delivery of service, and we will strive to become your resource of choice for gas meter repair for Fire Companies, Municipalities and Commercial Industries across the country. Our service range includes US (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.

Repair Assesment

If your organization has meters in stock or that have been taken out of service and are in need of accuracy testing, calibration, repairs, or replacement, The National Gas Meter Service Center is at your service. Every effort will be made to inspect and assess the cause of meter failure as quickly as possible. A fee will be charged for the assessment, but if we are contracted to perform the repair work, or if the meter cannot be repaired (and you choose to purchase a new unit from OfficerStore) the assessment fee will be waived.

About our Service Technicians

Our Certified Service Technicians have all undergone rigorous gas meter repair training at MSA, are highly skilled and have many years of valuable experience in the industry. OfficerStore is an Authorized MSA Repair Center and capable of performing factory repairs on all MSA equipment.

It's So Simple

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  • Hassle-free program
  • Total Quality
  • Certified Service