CoolShirt Coolwater Shirt

CoolShirt Coolwater Shirt

CoolShirt Coolwater Shirt CoolShirt

CoolShirt Coolwater Shirt

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How do you clean the shirt? Are laundering instructions published?


What is the cost for the packs sold separately? And was is the max amount of time this can be worn per day? I work adoption events where I am in the heat for 6+ hours a day but rarely have access to "plug" anything in.


Jennifer, there are 2 styles of this item one is the waist pack and the other is the back pack, both are $495.00 each sold separately. I couldn't find a length of time it can be worn, I would add my own 2 cents here that if you were out in the heat for 6 + hours you need a break .


Where dose one purchase the cooler pack for the shirt, or does it come with it as part of the system


Kevin everything can be purchased here through the Fire Store, go to our web page and under the shop by brand drop down look for Shafer Enterprises, click on that and it will take you to where you want to be.


Do you have to ware the waist pack with the shirt or can you plug in once cool has worn off


The HAZMAT Cooler Portable Cooling System is a simple pre-configured system designed to be worn and operated inside a Level A or a Level B suit. The Waist Pack Cooler that feeds the Cool Shirt is designed to fit neatly beneath most SCBA tanks. It's an efficient, ultra lightweight system weighing only 4 pounds when filled with ice and water to the temperature controlled compact cooler. Each system includes one freezable water "bottle" specially designed to provide a more consistent, long-lasting primary cooling source when placed in the cooler along with additional cubed or crushed ice and water. The system will provide up to 2 hours of continuous consistent cooling per bottle. Each lithium rechargeable battery will operate the self-contained pump for up to 7 hours. The bottles are filled with water and frozen. They can be switched out in less than 2 minutes. Includes fully adjustable straps to fit waist sizes from 20 inches to 54 inches, to accommodate heavy clothing, SCBA tanks, and other gear.