Amerex 2.5 Gallon Foam Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Amerex 2.5 Gallon Foam Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers

Amerex 2.5 Gallon Foam Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers Amerex

Amerex 2.5 Gallon Foam Stored Pressure Fire Extinguishers

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Product Capacity:
6 Liters2.5 Gallons


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If I bought one of these and wanted to recharge it my self, can I do it? I have seen them before where they were able to be refilled using water, foam agent and an air hose.


Larry, if I was doing this I would buy the model 240 pressurized water model, much easier to refill and recharge. It comes with a "Schrader air valve/inlet" you fill it to the water line, reassemble and just add compressed air, or you can add some liquid dish soap (about 5 oz.) before you reassemble it and add the compressed air. follow the directions and your good to go.


Can this be used with microblaze agent?


Aggie, were not real sure what you mean when you say "microblaze agent" your going to be a little clearer on what that is.


Can this extinguisher be used below freezing, (32 F)? Are there recharge liquids available that can be used below freezing? Thank you


CH 506 Anti-Freeze Charge


CH506 is the anti freeze additive that Amerex adds to the PW extinguisher to be used or left in a unheated buildings such as a barn, garage, out building etc.


Does W-250 2.5 gal AFFF extinguisher include the AFFF and charge kit? Also, what are the instructions for charge/recharge and can you provide a part number for the recharge kit? Thank you


No it does not, Instructions are included with the extinguisher, P/N for the recharge kit is 502, 8oz AFFF, $46.00 - $50.00


what type of foam do you need use to refill the extinguisher with


John, Amerex offers 2 different foam recharge's depending on what extinguisher you have; models 250 & 254 use AFFF, solution and model 252 uses a FFFP solution. The 250, & 254 models are a 2.5 gallon ext.& have a air aspirated nozzle,(looks different than the normal pressurized water nozzle tip) the 252 model is a 6 liter capacity. We sell the recharges, if you are in need of them.