Avon Staging Mat

Avon Staging Mat

Avon Staging Mat Avon

Avon Staging Mat

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Made In USA

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The CM-1078 states the price is 197.39. It also states mat maybe purchase individually. Is the 197.39 for all three mats together? Also, does Richland Hills Fire Department have an Account with you?

Captain Parsons

Available as complete set of 3 attachable mats for $197.39 complete, or as mats individually. if you purchase the mats separately pricing will be different. Yes there is an account set up for you with an address 3201 Diana Dr. 76118 zip.There hasn't been any activity since 2012 or 2013. Per the notes attached to your account a customer update form, was sent to you on 5/7/15 (yesterday, Thursday)