GunVault MV Series MicroVault

GunVault MV Series MicroVault

GunVault MV Series MicroVault GunVault

GunVault MV Series MicroVault

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Can I inactivate the keypad, so it can only be opened via a fingerprint or the back-up key?


On the bio-metric version can there be 2 users programmed. I would like to have access and would also like for my wife to have access?


You can have up to 15 different users entered in the programming. Thanks

Can you please tell me the maximum dimensions pistol that each size case will accommodate?


please click on the specs tab of the below link: Thanks

I am in the process of acquiring a Glock 34 9mm and a Ruger 22/45 Mark III handguns. Please advise which size case will fit these two pistols. Will be separate cases for each


I would suggest the largest size for these two guns, however if you have a barrel longer than 5-6" on the ruger it may still not fit. Thanks

How does the digital version of the case work? How easy is it to access the contents versus the Biometric version?


The biometric version uses a fingerprint scan to access the vault, with digital push buttons as a backup. The digital only vault uses the push button code only, to access the vault.

How do I reset my number to open my gun vault? We moved, and I misplaced my instructions with my opening code. I have a key to open it, but would like to be able to reset my code. Thank you, Corky


Please see link below for downloadable manuals from GunVault Thanks

Does small size case fit Clock 27? Is there room for extra magazine?


A small vault will accommodate a Glock 27 and spare magazine. Thanks

how efficient if at all when dealing with possible fires in my home or its durability during an earthquake? is it built or tested for such possible scenarios?


GunVault doesn't claim to have fireproof safes. They are more for security of the use of the gun by unauthorized users or children. They don't have testing results for fire or earthquakes either.