Hot Shield Firefighter Face Mask, NFPA

Hot Shield Firefighter Face Mask, NFPA

Hot Shield Firefighter Face Mask, NFPA Hot Shield

Hot Shield Firefighter Face Mask, NFPA

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can the n95 filter be purchased at home depot or hardware store


We can't give you an answer to your question, at least an honest answer. If you read our web page for this you will see this there; This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA. This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states. It is the customer's responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws. Having read that it would seem that this is not an item you go run down to the local "Home Depot or Loews".


Hi. Can you tell me whether a firefighter wearing one of the Hot Shield masks in a fire fighting/rescue situation has his voice impeded at all? I have seen situations where a firefighter is calling out to persons trapped,(perhaps injured), and because of the breathing apparatus or the face mask that he/she is wearing that their voice cannot be heard clearly by the person/s they are trying to locate. This can be very frustrating, as because of reduced visability, it is important that the firefighter is able to be heard by a victim. Thanks


John, you do know that this is not for structural fire fighting? Any type of "mask" that is being used to cover your mouth is going to cut down on speaking, you will need to yell and yell loud or pull the mask away from your mouth if you need to be heard, then replace it over your mouth. This is unlike the SCBA mask you wear for fire fighting where you can add a voice amp so you can be heard with out removing the mask.


Does this product come with a filter when first purchased? I plan on ordering one for dept evaluation and don't want to buy a whole package of 10 filters just to evaluate.


This is what I found on their web site, part number HS-2 New Packaging for the HS-2! We are now including 2 filters with each HS-2 in a whole new packaging!