Lion Super-Deluxe TFS, 32

Lion Super-Deluxe TFS, 32" Turnout Coat w/ Bi-swing Back

Lion Super-Deluxe TFS, 32 LION

Lion Super-Deluxe TFS, 32" Turnout Coat w/ Bi-swing Back

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I have a Janesville Turnout Coat Date of Manufacture - 2011. I was wondering how I can get a name tag made for the back of it


Hi Chris, 1st thing we need to do is choose what style of name tag you want, the style that hangs below the hem of the coat (they call this the morning pride style) or do you want it to go between the trim and the hem line? then you need to pick how you want to attach it to the coat, the hanging style normally has a snap in the corners, plus velcro, the other tag you can pick from sewing direct to coat, or velcro to the coat. it goes without saying you will need to match the coat material and the patch material, your letters you will have to pick 2" or 3" and the color, usually you match the trim color to the letters. Last but not least are you going to send the coat to us to have all of this done or are you going to have some one else attach the velcro snaps etc to the coat so the name patch can be attached? I will look up the part numbers for all of this and send them to you in a separate e mail after this one.