Kochek 5-Way Manifold

Kochek 5-Way Manifold

Kochek 5-Way Manifold Kochek

Kochek 5-Way Manifold

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I need parts for the manifold. Two of the handle stops have broken off. Where can I get replacement parts?


Hi, we can get the parts, but we would like to speak with you to be sure we are ordering the correct parts. Can you call into customer service and ask them to transfer you to X1162 (Butch)


We are sending you the parts break down and you will be able to pick the parts you need, then you can call in with the parts numbers and we will place your order.


How do I maintain the handles to the valves, so they will move using less force.

Big Shell

Well there are a number products on the market for this type of problem; WD-40, CRC 5-56 Break-Free A white grease that will work in water, the same grease you use to lube the pump on your engine, besides spraying the inside of the valve, you should also use on the handle where it is attached to the body.


Is this the same manifold as the angus M4060 5 way gated distribution manifold? Will the repair parts valve seats and handles work on an angus manifold?


Mike, we can't tell you yes or no, the body is almost the same cast made by AWG made in Germany, now what Kochek and Angus do with this once it is in their hands we don't know. It's a very good chance that it's the same, but we will never say that you can use another vendor's product on someone else's product.