TheFireStore Municipal Attack Fire Hose

TheFireStore Municipal Attack Fire Hose

TheFireStore Municipal Attack Fire Hose Mercedes Textiles

TheFireStore Municipal Attack Fire Hose

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What is the friction loss coefficient for this hose, sizes from 1.5" up to 3"? How does this coefficient compare with new linings vs older linings. What would the coefficient be for unlined forestry hose sizes 1" to 1.75"?


you are going to get a better flow with the newer hose lining than the old rubber linings. I don't think there is a unlined hose on the market any longer, and there isn't any 1.75 forestry hose, just 1" and 1.5" and these are usually single jacketed hose which is much lighter than a double jacket hose. That doesn't mean some departments don't use 1.75" hose for brush fires just that it's not sold as forestry hose. As far as the friction loss I don't have a clue, it all come down to what you are flowing and how long the flow (length of hose line) is.


What is the coupling size on your 3" hose? Is the 3" hose NFPA compliant?


Hi Bruce, if you were to order this in a 50' or 100' length off of the web page you would get a 2.5" NH couplings. If you need a 3" coupling you would need to note that at the time the order is placed, and be sure you do because there will be a difference in price between the 2.5" and 3" couplings.Yes the 3" hose is NFPA compliant. Hope this answers your question.


on your 2 Inch Hose, what are the coupling sizes?


There is only 1 thread size for the 1.5", 1.75" & 2.0" hose's, 1.5" NH is the standard hose threads for all 3 hose's. There is a possibly that some FD will have special threads, if you were one of them you wouldn't be asking us this question!


Is it possible to get 2" with 2 1/2" couplings


Not to my knowledge, the size of the 2.5" couplings you might as well get the 2.5" hose, there would be no advantage for this.


is this hose NFPA compliant?