Cairns Defender Replacement Visor

Cairns Defender Replacement Visor

Cairns Defender Replacement Visor Cairns

Cairns Defender Replacement Visor

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When I ordered the Cairns 1044 last month, I received the MSA version with their new impact cap defender system. Does this product fit the new msa defender impact cap or the corns system?


Cairns and MSA are the same company. The replacement version of the defenders should fit in your 1044.


Could this be installed on other brands of helmets i.e...Bullard


Doug, sorry this is for the 1010 and 1044 helmets only (CARINS) No Bullard, Ben II, Lion, Paul Conway Cairns only, also no NY or Sam Houston helmets


can this be installed to 1010? i just bought one and its only have the bourks shields


you will need to purchase a complete replacement kit, that includes everything except the shell of the helmet. The short answer is no.

Is this visor eye pro with OSHA and NFPA, or is it secondary like the regular visor?


We don't know what you are referring to by "PRO" the Carins MSA Defender exceeds the NFPA standard for eye protection with or without any other eye protection. Any helmet that has the full Face Shield, Goggles(NFPA) or the Defender meet the NFPA standard. Helmets with Flip Downs such as Bourkes do not meet NFPA.


Does this product come with a mount for the helmet because i didn't have a defender


This will fit the 1010 and 1044 helmets only, and only if they were purchased with the Defender installed from Cairns when the helmet was new. If you have a 1010 or 1044 with out the defender you can purchase the up grade kit P/N 10077112, this will not fit any other helmets, just the 1010 or 1044 only.

Is there a kit or will there be a kit to fit the Cairns 1000 helmets?


just wondering does the defender shield come with hard ware to mount it? if not where do i get the hardware and how does it mount?