Nightstick XPP-5420 Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Nightstick XPP-5420 Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

Nightstick XPP-5420 Intrinsically Safe Flashlight Nightstick Flashlights

Nightstick XPP-5420 Intrinsically Safe Flashlight

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would this light fit in a helmet band for a fire helmet

Garland Fireman

We think it should, it will be a tight fit,


how does one load the batteries? cuz I'm stumped...thanks david

mr williams

Mr. Williams, this is the from the light manufacturer; "the tail cap end is where the batteries go.Since the units are waterproof they can seem to be difficult to unscrew. If the tail cap is slipping in their grip. Wrap a rubber band around it and it will not slip". Let us know how you make out.


Mr. Williams, we just now received an update on your question and you should read this before you try what we had sent you earlier; The XPP-5420B or G (B=Black and G= Green) has a set screw in the side of the head that has to be loosened in order to unscrew the head.The set screw has to be tightened again to conform to the standards of "Intrinsically Safe". In addition, changing the battery should only be done outside the hazardous work area. If he got the head unscrewed, sometimes it's hard to get the reflector to start coming out. Tap the flashlight against your palm and the movement should start the reflector to slightly come out. Then pull the reflector out and the batteries are inserted in behind the reflector. Link to the instructions From the instruction manual: 1. Loosen the locking screw located on the side of the lens cap 2. Unscrew the lens bezel. 3. Remove the reflector / battery carrier. 4. Install 3 AA batteries in the carrier. Use only approved batteries: Duracell PC1500, Energizer EN91, Energizer E91, or Energizer Lithium L91. 5. Replace reflector / battery carrier in flashlight housing. Align reflector / battery carrier with the switch. 6. Replace the lens bezel. 7. Tighten locking screw. HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, ALSO THERE IS THE LINK YOU CAN USE TOO, SORRY FOR THE MISLEADING INFO, BUT THEY CAME FROM 2 DIFFERENT PEOPLE, THUS THE DIFFERENCE, THIS LAST ONE SHOULD BE ON THE MONEY FOR YOU.