Omega Steel Ladder Hook Carabiner, NFPA

Omega Steel Ladder Hook Carabiner, NFPA

Omega Steel Ladder Hook Carabiner, NFPA Omega

Omega Steel Ladder Hook Carabiner, NFPA

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Is this carabiner self-closing AND self-locking? Does it meet the requirements of paragraph 2.18 of ANSI Z359.0-2007, and paragraph of Z359.1-2007? If so, is it marked on the piece? The web page says it meets OSHA strength requirements - can you identify specific OSHA standards? We would like to use this to attach fall protection devices to ladders, but our company requires compliance with OSHA 1926 Subpart M and Z359. Thank you.


Rick we sent our vendor your question, and this was their response back; OPLH8L is self-closing, but requires the user to manually screw the locking sleeve upward to lock the carabiner. Instead, please look at OPLH8Q ... same frame, but it has our Quik-Lok gate which means it is both self-closing and self-locking. To open OPLH8Q, one must rotate the sleeve approximately one-quarter turn prior to opening the gate. This is a single-handed operation for most users. Both SKUs are G-Rated to the NFPA standard. Neither are certified to the ANSI standards referenced, the significant difference in ANSI being an additional series of tests on the closed gate of the finished carabiner. :


What is the weight rating (in pounds) for this?


This is the response i got back from Omega Pacific; Hope it helps you, The kN, or kilonewton, rating measures the amount of force the carabiner can accept, as opposed to how much mass it can hold in a static situation. Objects with relatively low mass (like a person) can generate substantial energy (force) when accelerating, so it can be misleading if a piece of climbing or fall-arrest equipment were rated in terms of "pounds" or "kilo grams." In order to convert kilonewtons into pounds-of-force (another measure of force, not mass), simply multiply the rating in kN by 224.8 (1kN = 224.8 lbf). All Omega Pacific carabiners are stamped with the major axis strength measured in kilonewtons. In your case, the Ladder Hook unit is rated to 41 kilonewtons. 41 kn x 224.8 lbf = 9,216.8 lbf