Pacific R5 Rope Rescue/Extrication Helmet, Black

Pacific R5 Rope Rescue/Extrication Helmet, Black

Pacific R5 Rope Rescue/Extrication Helmet, Black Pacific

Pacific R5 Rope Rescue/Extrication Helmet, Black

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I have this same helmet with the hearing protection included. Is that available through your store?


in the description, it states that this helmet is "Compliant to ANSI Z89.1". Can you tell me to what ANSI class and type this helmet is compliant to. thanks

Sargent A

Does Pacific helmets have an expiration? Thank you, Mary


Mary, we can't find an expiration, they do meet NFPA standards 1951 for Tech Rescue, but we don't know of an expiration date for that standard.


what is the difference between this R5 and the R5SL? What structural changes are on the NFPA model?


Brad, the R5 is a non NFPA compliant helmet where the R5SL is a 1951 NFPA standard compliant helmet (which means it's a Tech Rescue helmet). The R5 has a 6 point polyester webbing and a 3 point polyester chin strap The R5SL has a 6 point poly webbing and a 3 point NOMEX chin strap,I don't know the difference in polyester vs. poly but the chip strap made in the nomex material is a selling point for the NFPA. Hope we have answered your question.


Does this helmet have the triangle rope on the front and back? This rope(pull string) is to keep a head lamp secured on the helmet.


Sorry, no it does not.


what type of eye prortection is recommended with this type of helmet.


we would recommend either of these 2 goggles from ESS; 740-0283 740-0273 both use a strap to go around the helmet and velcro to attach to the helmet, both meet NFPA standards, for more info check them out on our web page, just type the part number in the search area


Is this a Type I or Type II ANSI rated helmet?


Compliant to ANSI Z89.1 this is the only ANSI listing i could find


What is the weight of this helmet?


Chinstrap, Nomex w/Quick Release & Postman Slide