5200G, ARFF Proximity Glove w/ Steamblock, Gauntlet Style

5200G, ARFF Proximity Glove w/ Steamblock, Gauntlet Style

5200G, ARFF Proximity Glove w/ Steamblock, Gauntlet Style Shelby

5200G, ARFF Proximity Glove w/ Steamblock, Gauntlet Style

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What is the maximum contact temperature these gloves can protect against?


Christine, this glove meets the NFPA 1971 standard for structural fire fighting, it is a 500 degree test for 5 minutes, but this is not to see if it will burn,(there is no flame put against the glove) it is done with hi temp light bulbs. The purpose is to see if the glove loses it shape, any shrinkage, deformation, this all done by a 3rd party, IE, UL testing labs. Below is what we received back from the glove manufacturer; Gloves have to meet a radiant heat requirement. The radiant heat area tested is specified in the 1971, 2013 Edition Standard. The test apparatus is an array of 5 quartz lamps set at 2.0 cal/sq cm. The outer shell material is placed 1 inch from the lamps with a sensor block against the back of the material. Unfortunately you really cannot correlate 2.0 Cal radiant heat to Celsius or Fahrenheit. Hope this is some help to you.


Question, if these are liquid impervious, will they be able to be used in cryogenic applications, such as LNG? We are looking for a liquid protection and fire protection glove and think this one may work if it will repel the LNG (Natural Gas in Liquid State)Thanks-

Sharon-All about LNG!

The following is the responce we received back from Shelby Gloves; Unfortunately the LNG application would not be recommended go any of the Shelby fire glove. If they can give a specific low end temperature needed I may be able to make a recommendation. at the end there is a request from Shelby, if you can answer that and send to us we will forward it on to Shelby, and see what they can come up with for you.


The low end of LNG is -252f

Sharon-All about LNG!