Stearns I595 Ice Rescue Suit

Stearns I595 Ice Rescue Suit

Stearns I595 Ice Rescue Suit Stearns

Stearns I595 Ice Rescue Suit

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Can you tell me what this suit is made of? Is there Latex in the material anywhere?


how should i store this suit? Hanging or rolled up in a bag? I realize if its wet it should be hung but what about after that?


At my station we have a gear rack that will hang 4 suits, we let them hang for 4 or 5 days to make sure they are dry, then we fold them up to store away in their bags that they came in. Also we do wash them off before we hang them to dry, no telling whats in the water you had to go through


What is the shelf life of suit and does in have to be inspected


There is no shelf life on any of our suits, jackets, vest, etc. However they still need to be inspected, if its under 10 years then every 3 years it should be inspected, over 10 years old it needs to be inspected every 2 years. This is word for word that I received from the vendor hope this answers your question