Sterling F4 Escape Kit or NFPA-E Rope

Sterling F4 Escape Kit or NFPA-E Rope

Sterling F4 Escape Kit or NFPA-E Rope Sterling Rope

Sterling F4 Escape Kit or NFPA-E Rope

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My company will not allow the use of the fire mans hook on the anchor point. Can the hook be replaced with a carabiner for the anchor point, from the manufacturer ?


Can I get this with a Lightning GT hook instead of the Crosby hook?


Sterling has many new kits that do have the Lightning GT hook instead of the Crosby. Please go to the below link to view all of them.


Can the rescue bag be mounted on a Scott air pack?

Capt. Lewis

Captain Lewis, we are not familiar with the Scott SCBA, but we think it would fit on there somehow, it seems that it makes sense to have it on your SCBA straps no matter what SCBA you are using


Hi I just wanted to ask does the SafeTech Option come with the Kit like everything that is shown? I was asking because in the description it only covers the EscapeTech and FireTech32 rope options and not the SafeTech rope option and because of the difference in price.. Just wanted to find out before I buy Thanks


Joey, not sure what you're asking here? Our web page gives you 3 different options to pick from at 3 different prices


what all components comes with the safetech


All 3 kits are the same Except the hook in the SafeTech has what they call a "lighting hook" and the others have a Crosby hook, and I don't see any difference in them.


Our department is potentially looking at buying bail out harnesses and "kits". How compatible is this product with an internal harness?


F4-50 compact, low-profile for common escape harnesses and belts up to 2" wide, This is on our web page, since you are looking at this as a department purchase, why not purchase a kit, look at it see how it works, try it, also did you look at the videos on our web page?


Hi I am doing a project on this product and I will like to know about the proper way of using the escape rope and the guides that will need to be followed. thank you Natasha castilho


It secures to the class II harness at the waist strap. How good is the Velcro or snaps to secure it to the class II harness? Will they last or will I have to buy a new bag in a couple of years?


Brandon, Good question, and hard to answer honestly. I think that it's going to depend a lot on how busy a department you run with, if your busy you will need to replace in a couple of years just from wear and tear, also if you do have to use it you will most likely want to replace it anyway. NFPA recommends that if you use your rope once for a life saving event it be placed out of service as a life saving rope. Looks like it's your choice.