Uniden BC-355N Scanner, 300 Channels with Mobile Operation

Uniden BC-355N Scanner, 300 Channels with Mobile Operation

Uniden BC-355N Scanner, 300 Channels with Mobile Operation Uniden

Uniden BC-355N Scanner, 300 Channels with Mobile Operation

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Is it digital?


Sorry this is not a digital scanner, analog only


Is it possible to plug in a 2-way radio speaker?


Brad, a speaker is a speaker, a 2 way speaker is usually a separate unit from a 2 way radio, you should be able plug or splice the speaker into what ever you want.


How long will it take to program This scanner and how hard is it

Tony Joe

Hard to say how hard, or how long it will take you to program this unit. You will receive instructions on how to do this, once you understand how to program it you should be able to go through the process pretty quick. If you don't understand them, (the directions), you can ask someone that's knowledgeable of computer games for help. It will be helpful if you have all the freq's you want to program before you start. If all else fails get on the internet for "Uniden / Bear Cat" web page and contact them for help.


Does this unit cover 700 and 800 and 900 Mhz Digital?


We don't think this will work for you, you should go to the Uniden web site and search there for this.


do they have a battery to buy for this unit


This is not a portable scanner, this is designed to be use at home or mounted in a car,,you get the power cord for home and adapter for use in your vehicle.There is no need for a battery.


Is it 800m


Bryan, I don't think this will do the 800 channels, check the Uniden / Bear Cat web site


What is the range for this scanner example i live four towns away from my com center so can i get the firefighters and ems from four towns away.

Don the newbie

Don, to give you an honest answer, it all depends on miles, are you in a valley, are there mountains, what are the radio freq's, low band, high band, T-band, all of this will make a difference, is it a analog system or a digital system. If your "town fire department and police department are using the same system and they don't have a problem, you should be able to listen on the scanner. The first thing I would find out is the system they are using, the analog is an older system and would be easy for you to listen to, the digital your going to have trouble hearing anything. So do that first


can you tell me if this uniden scanner is a trunked system


Penny, I can not tell you if this is a trunk system, i suggest you go to the Uniden web site and look for their manual down loads section. sorry this isn't what you were hoping to get but instead of giving you a line of bs, it's better to tell you to do this.


Does this pick up the fire grounds that firefighters use


"Pitbull" this scanned works on just about every frequencies out there, as long as they are analog, and not digital. You will need to do some research on just what the emergency services are using in your area, after you find out that information I would contact Uniden/Bearcat on their web site and inquire what they would recommend. I'm no expert on scanners, some emergency services have switched to an digital system and some scanners will not work with that system.


Does this scanner have a battery backup?


Tuck, there is no battery to speak of, however there is a memory (for lack of better words) card/chip in there somewhere that will store the freq that are entered into the scanner so you don't lose them when you turn it off or have a power outage,