Responder, "LP" Series, Low Profile Mini LED Lightbar

Responder, Whelen

Responder, "LP" Series, Low Profile Mini LED Lightbar

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regarding the suction mount/magnetic led light bar, does the light itself just sit on top of suction cups? with no screws or attachments? are the suction cups magnetic? is it prone to falling off roof if not permanently mounted?


Jeff, these are 2 large rubber suction cups with a magnetic in the center of each suction cup, each as a complete unit are attached to the bottom of the light with screws or something like that. Either way they are permanently attached to the light. As far as being prone to falling off, a lot of that will depend on what kind of driver you are, and if you have mounted the light on vehicle correctly. You drive like a crazy person and there's a good chance it will move or come off the vehicle