Yates Gear Kevlar Escape Belt

Yates Gear Kevlar Escape Belt

Yates Gear Kevlar Escape Belt Yates Gear

Yates Gear Kevlar Escape Belt

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About how wide is this belt?


It's about 2"


What is the weight of this belt?


Todd, this belt weighs approx 1.2 Lbs.


Does this item have a axe attachment? If so what is it. Also does this have a pick off strap attached, ladder strap, or groin harness?


Hi Bud, you can add this to the escape belt P/N 558 Yates fire tool holster used for axes, and halligan toolds


How is the belts waist adjustable? is this something that can be done easily?


Kevlar Class I personal escape belt. Utilizes double locking quick connect snap hook and locking D ring adjustment system. This came from their web site.


What are the sizes in inches for the Regular and Extra Large? Is the belt adjustable? I need to measure with my bunker pants to get the correct size, thanks.


Ok, both the regular and the X-Large are adjustable, the regular will fit a 34/52 and the X-Large will fit a 44/64. I have been under the impression that these belts were to worn on the outside of your turn out coat, not under it, i could be wrong but it would seem that under your coat means you would have to dig it out or undo your coat if you need it.


Will this fit in the loops of my turnouts? How wide is it?


Yates does't list how wide the belt is, and as far as will it fit your loops, without knowing the width of the belt and the type of pant your wearing we can't answer this.