Bullard Firedome FX Helmet, NFPA Certified

Bullard Firedome FX Helmet, NFPA Certified

Bullard Firedome FX Helmet, NFPA Certified Bullard

Bullard Firedome FX Helmet, NFPA Certified

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ReTrakESS IZ3 Goggles4" Face Shield
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In Alberta the goggles and face shield need to not only be NFPA certified but also need to be CFA certified. Are they?


Sorry Bullard has told us this helmet is only NFPA approved, and not CFA on any of their helmets


Is the blue on the the same as the baby blue (EMS) color? the same as the Cairns Metro 660c?

Ricky Rescue

The Bullard FX or PX blue helmet is a darker shade of blue than the MSA - Carins 660C


with regard to the Bullard FX helmet, I need to know if the "green" helmet is a TRUE GREEN, or if it is a lime green. We need to order two TRUE GREEN helmets WITH FULL FACE SHIELDS. Please advise

Tony Villani, Company Treasurer

The Bullard FX/PX comes in the Lime Green, no true green. Since your looking for a "true green" helmet the following mfg offer true green in their modern style helmets Morning Pride Lite Force P/N HT-HTO-LFPL-F-LR-G $140.00 MSA/Cairns 660C Metro NFPA P/N 660CFSG $218.99 Paul Conway Legacy P/N LFH-3910E-G $189.99 We stock all of the helmets mention, they all have the full face sheilds and are NFPA