Fire Hooks Unlimited Ground Zero Pump

Fire Hooks Unlimited Ground Zero Pump

Fire Hooks Unlimited Ground Zero Pump Fire Hooks Unlimited

Fire Hooks Unlimited Ground Zero Pump

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Is this pump submersible? How long is the electrical cord? Does it have capacitors, fuses or other electronic components? Is the water discharge side piped to 1-1/2" and is it national standard thread?

Captain Dan

Captain, yes this is a submersible pump, the discharge is 2" pipe thread, if you are using 1.5" hose with NH threads, you will need an adapter; Specifications: Pump Volts - 115 Volts Amperes - 6-AMPS Horsepower - 1/2 HSP. Discharge Size - 2 inches Pipe Thread - NFP Head (Lift) - 36 Feet Maximum G.P.M. - 50 Electrical Cable - 33 feet Weight - 26 lbs. Width - 7.1 inches As far as fuses there are none that can be seen, and we don't know of any capacitors, or electronic components, not designed to be used in a hazardous atmosphere.


For use in sprinkler activation cleanup: Will the pump pull a prime in shallow water or does it need to be submerged? We have tried other pumps that will operate down to low levels but they have to be primed in several inches at least.


Herm, copied from our web site; The Ground Zero Pump self primes over 4" of water and can pump down to 1/12" of water. In water that is less than 4", priming the the pump is necessary - simply pour water into the top of the unit, attach your hose, start the unit and it will pump down to 1/12".


Can the pump be used in manholes with combustible gases like natural gas?


Fire Hooks said this is not suitable to be used for this