Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Ben2 2007-Present

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Ben2 2007-Present

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Ben2 2007-Present Honeywell

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Ben2 2007-Present

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Is this compatible with the EV1 helmet?


I have a Ben 2 Plus with a manufacture date of 2003. Will this suspension system work? Or will the Low Rider suspension system work?


Hi Ray, yes this should be the item you need (HR-BNSUS-1)


Does this come with the two other straps that go in the helmet also?


It comes with only what is shown.


I need to replace the entire interior components (ear flaps, head band, suspension system) of a 2004 Ben Franklin 2 helmet (it has the small screws on the front and rear of the cap) What is going to be my best options? Thanks in advance.


Andy, we think you need to order the following parts; HP-F50-01 Yellow Nomex ear flaps HR-BNSUS-1Ben 2 Plus Ratchet Headband Suspension Kit


We currently have Ben II Low Rider helmets that need replacement of the suspension kit, which kit would I buy? TIA


use HR-BNSUS-1


Hey guys, I need the screws that connect the interior hardware (suspension, etc) to the shell of the helmet. Looks like there are 4 screws (2 on each side) that secure the interior stuff to the helmet shell itself, and these screws (and corresponding screw holes) are located on the left/right sides of the helmet brim. How can i buy these screws (and probably nuts, too)?


Drew, I sent your question directly to Honeywell and i'm including their answer back just as we received it back from them; Not sure it will be of help to you. If they have a face shield 95-HP-HWS02 or a bracket kit 95-HP-FSGABB; if it's a goggle 95-HP-HWS03 but might need HP-GSPB also.


How can I tell what year my helmet was made


There should be a label with the mfg. date inside the helmet,


Is there any way I can purchase the fabric that goes to the suspension system only and not the whole thing? I own a Ben 2 Plus that I've had since 2004 and the suspension system is perfectly fine, however all the fabric is beginning to fall apart due to dry rot.


Go to our web page, and under the helmet column click on the Morning Pride Ben II parts and accessories. Scroll down and you will see; Honeywell: Morning Pride Comfort Cap Headband and Ratchet Cover, Choose Black Leather or Black Indura Cotton, there are 2 choices leather or Indura both are black, this will Replace your standard flannel liner system. Adds additional comfort to your forehead, making your already comfortable helmet a real pleasure to wear for longer periods of time. This accessory consists of a comfort cap headband and ratchet pad. P/N HP-RLR Leather $43.99 or P/N HP-RO1 Indura Cotton $10.99


What is the difference between the 2000's model and the after 2007 model?


This is the responce we received back from Honeywell 1st Responder company; HR-SSB, is the suspension replacement part for helmets that were certified to the 2000 edition NFPA standard. HR-SSB-2007 is the suspension replacement part for the Ben 2 helmets that were certified to the 2007 edition NFPA standard.


Will this work on a 1999 model Ben2?


Chief, everything we show say's 2000 and newer, nothing pre-2000.