Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Liteforce

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Liteforce

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Liteforce Honeywell

Morning Pride Ratchet/Headband Suspension for Liteforce

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i have a Lite Force V helmet. will this fit?


It is made to fit Lite Force helmets.


i have a ben franklin (rubber) helment, I'm in need of a ratchet/liner. MFG in 1998


We sent your question to Honeywell for their input below is the responce we received back; Sorry, Technically per NFPA that helmet should be out of service. We do not carry parts for a helmet that old, the only parts we have are for our current helmets.


I believe that I have one of your helmets. I've had it for quite some time and it needs a new liner and suspension. But I'm not sure which replacement kit I need. I'd send you pictures but I can't through this link.


Mike, if you haven't gotten an answer yet send your pictures to this e mail address; [email protected], and i'll help you.


Hi I want to follow up regarding my question. I have a morning pride traditional helmet does this fit to it? Because I really badly need one thanks


OK, lets set the record straight; your asking if this will fit your morning pride TRADITIONAL HELMET, and the answer is NO this is for the LITE FORCE HELMET which is a MODERN style helmet.Your are talking about 2 different helmets. If you have a BEN II helmet which is the HONEYWELL MORNING PRIDE TRADITIONAL helmet you need a P/N HR-SSB-12, and follow the directions, this will turn your helmet into a low rider helmet.


Hi I have a morning pride traditional helmet, would this fit to it? Thanks


NO it will not fit!


I have a Morning Pride Lite Force 1 helmet manufactured in Jan. 1991. Will this work as a replacement or can I get a replacement for it.


Hi Cookie, from all the information we have here this should solve your problem, they only show 1 part number for the Lite Force helmet and this is it, good luck.


Hi I have a helmet Morning Pride FIRE LITE FORCE IV, but not I have the suspension for the head, this product will serve you sell me?


I'm not real sure I understand what you are asking us, but I think you want to know if this P/N HR-SSL will fit your Lite Force Helmet? If this is what you are asking the answer is yes it is made to fit the Lite Force Helmet.


will this fit on my morning pride LITE FORCE V model


It says it fits Lite Force Plus helmets, you are saying you have a "V" model, I can't find anything of a "V" model helmet listed in any of our literature.


will this ratchet system fit any morning Pride Ben II helmet