Cairns ESS Firefighter Goggles

Cairns ESS Firefighter Goggles

Cairns ESS Firefighter Goggles MSA

Cairns ESS Firefighter Goggles

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Which mounting style is recommended for the best fit on a Cairns 1044?


The best fit is going to be determined by your specific application. If you want your goggles to be permanently fixed to your helmet or if you want to be able to take them off when needed. Both will fit your 1044 and allow for a great fit with the goggles.


Are these googles nfpa approved and can they be stored on the back of your helmet in a structure fire?


Jason, yes and yes Made especially for Cairns by ESS. This sleek, low-profile, NFPA-compliant goggle is designed to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses. The high-temperature frame allows fast lens replacement. Patented Speed Clips make strap adjustments easy, even with gloves on.


Do you carry a hardware kit that only includes the posts to permanently mount to the helmet, like those found in MSA-S549P? I have the goggles already and only need posts and do not want the clamp-on style because they do not hold very well in my experience. I'd prefer the type that go through the brim of the helmet.


Jay we think this is what you need MSA-10052896 we are out of stock at the moment, cost you around $10.00 plus shipping. You can order it through our customer service.


Can the goggle post kit be taken of one helmet and reinstalled on another?


Nick, when you purchase this item they include 2 different mounting options; If you use the ESS mounting brackets you can move from helmet to helmet. ESS Mounting Brackets attach to the side brims of most structural firefighting helmets, allowing snap-on/snap-off mounting, without modifying the helmet. Goggle Post Kit makes installation of permanent mounting posts easy. 1. Use the template to determine the correct placement of the posts under the side brims of your helmet. 2. Drill two small holes through the brim in the indicated spots; one on each side of the helmet. 3. Attach the posts with a small wrench and a screwdriver- in just minutes.


Can this be use Rx?

Juan Mena

Juan, these are made to worn over your glasses, and are suitable for your Rx lens


If I decide to remove the face shield, can the post kit use the holes where that mounted?


John, not sure about this, can find nothing to say yea or nay, it looks like it's something you are going to have to try on your own, sorry.