Streamlight 3AA HazLo Headlamp

Streamlight 3AA HazLo Headlamp

Streamlight 3AA HazLo Headlamp Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight 3AA HazLo Headlamp

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Do you sale the plastic that holds the 3 batteries [the plastic broke and I cant make the lamp work without it] Thank you Javier


Javier this would need to be special ordered from Streamlight it is not a stock item. Part number 612004, $3.50 plus tax and shipping.




This is what Streamlight has in their catalog; streamlight offers a variety of lights that are safety rated for hazardous environments.They have several lights that are "Intrinsically Safe" these are lights that have been tested to ANSI/UL-Std-913 and found to be safe for use in a Division 1 classified environment. While an intrinsically safe light would have a class 1 Div.1 rating, it is important to know that not every product with a Class 1 div. 1 rating is intrinsically safe.


How do you remove the elastic head strap so the helmet strap can be used? Cut it off?


Ok, "KO" do you have this item already? If you do you would see that there is a place in the back of the light that is open and you can work the elastic strap out of the bracket, once you have removed this you will need to slide the rubber helmet band into the opening work it till its all in and your good to go.


The clip that loops it around has an opening, it's a little bit hard to see but it's behind the strap of elastic. Just wiggle it out and replace with rubber.

Safety Matt

Is this item water resistant/proof?


Mike, it is NOT water proof, you can use it in the rain, or snow but only for a certain amount of time, to a certain degree it is water resistant


The website here statse that the streamlight hazlo headlamp has 120 lumens, as does streamlight's website. However, when I viewed the product video on streamlight's page and from other sites, the streamlight rep claims the headlamp has only have 34. Which is it? Thanks in advance.


Hi, The headlamp increased in lumens from 34 to 120 a few years ago. Streamlight never updated their video. I brought it to their attention.


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