Streamlight SL-20X LED NiCd Battery

Streamlight SL-20X LED NiCd Battery

Streamlight SL-20X LED NiCd Battery Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight SL-20X LED NiCd Battery

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have streamlight with 20X above switch serial # 00146605 what battery and charger do i need? length of light is 13" or so battery is 7 1/4" , do you have these? Al


Al, sent your question to Streamlight, serial number will not I D the light, but they said if you have a 20X light, you should need a 20170 battery stick, which we have in stock. 1 more question to you, is your light a metal or poly material housing?


Is this item suitable for use in an older Streamlight SL 20 flashlight?


If this were my light I would use the same number battery that came with the light, before I would stick something different in there. Besides there are 3 or 4 model SL-20 lights, what model number is yours? If you don't know then send us your serial number off the light.


What is the length of this battery stick? I need one that is 11-1/4".


Jodie, this stick is 9" long, you should send us the serial number of your light, and model number and we can trace those to get you the correct battery.


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