AeroMax Adult Costume Firefighter Gear, Pants, Coat, & Suspenders

AeroMax Adult Costume Firefighter Gear, Pants, Coat, & Suspenders

AeroMax Adult Costume Firefighter Gear, Pants, Coat, & Suspenders AeroMax

AeroMax Adult Costume Firefighter Gear, Pants, Coat, & Suspenders

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It is possible to customise the back on coat. Or without writing simply.


Vincent the back of the coat is blank, no lettering, lettering is available if you want to customize it. If you are thinking something else you would have to call in to customer service and ask.


Do you carry this in the Tan color?


The web page offers this in Tan or Black, it's your choice


can you make them to fit a larger person?


We sent your question to the manufacture, the following is their answer back to us; It is possible for us to make a larger custom size, however our minimum to do so would be 480 units and the lead time is 120 days. If you wish to proceed with this custom order, we would require a purchase order and size specifications.


I read the existing Q&A on this product. My waist is more like the small size you indicate for another product (30-34"), but I am 5'10. Is the small size too short to fit me (e.g., pants or sleeves way too short)? Thanks.


Scott, if it were me I would go with the Large adult, you are not going to wear this without clothing under neath of the suit just like the firefighters do. At 5'19" you don't want to spend tyhe evening talking with a high pitch voice, use the large.


What color are the suspenders?


Is the helmet authentic looking? I do firefighter birthday parties and I like to to show the children authentic uniforms?


This helmet is made of plastic, with eye protection, in the traditional helmet style, to a child you might get away with it, depending on how old the child might get by with them thinking it was real. To an adult maybe, but very doubtful.


what are the waist sizes for adult small and large


Robbie, we don't have that information, all we have is what is at the bottom of our web page; Adult Size Large: Fits 5'10" - 6'2" Adult Size Small: Fits 5'2"-5"7" for some other apparel we show a small waist as 30"-34" and a large as 38" - 44" not sure we've been of much help to you.


Could you please send me a picture of the actual pants of the tan or yellow pants? Does the pants look exactly like the one in the picture of the two men?


Dave, the picture is the true colors yellow or brown (tan)


What is the material this costume is made out of?


Jenny, The fire fighter suit is a quality cotton duck fabric made from 92% Cotton, 5% Polyester and 3% Imitation Leather.