Ratchet Headband Only

Ratchet Headband Only

Ratchet Headband Only Exclusive

Ratchet Headband Only

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Would this work on a Pre MSA 1998 Cairns sam Houston? And also how would I install it? Thanks Brent 1/3018


will his part fit onto a 1010 helmet?


John, no that will not fit, we have listed 3 different P/N below for you to choose from; LK27P Economy Flannel Headband & Ratchet Liner LK28P Standard Flannel Headband & Ratchet Liner LK29P Deluxe Leather Ratchet & Headband Liner w/ Crown Pad


will this work on my N6A 1LR helmet from 1996?

handme down

Not sure what a 1LR is but our web page tells you it fits the following; Ratchet Headband Only. Fits all Pre NFPA 1971-2000 Edition Helmets. Also fits all New and Older Leather New Yorkers & Sam Houston's.


Will this Part fit in my cairns 662C metro II Helmet?


So, if the ratchet band was held into that old helmet by a bunch of round buttons, then it would use the RB- yes.

is this item all I need to install a ratchet headband to my N5A New Yorker? or will I need to buy another item as well? Mine does not have a headband in it at all.


We think you should contact MSA/Cairns before you try this, it says it fits all new and older N5A and N6A leather helmets, but if you never had a ratchet system in your helmet we are not 100% sure this is all you would need. Also MSA/Cairns would like to have these leather helmets sent back to them for any repairs, or additions being made to the helmets. It's not the easiest thing for you or I to do, removing the head liner on the leather helmets. Just our thoughts trying to save you from more trouble down the road some.


will it fit my 880


it depends on how old your helmet is, this one you are asking about is for models pre 1971 - 2000 edition of the NFPA standard


This item you have asked about will not fit your 880 helmet, we think you will need a P/N R98 for your 880


my n5a is from 1993, will this work?

The Natural

it looks like it will if it's a 93 model N5A


is this the right head band for a cairns N5A built in 2008?


It say's it will fit all new and older N5A and N6A leather helmets, 2008 to me is a newer helmet.


I have a Carins 1000. Is this just a replacement part or can it convert the helmet to a ratchet style?

My new helmet

It sounds to me like it's both, a replacement and it will convert 1000 to a ratchet. The key to this is this; Fits all Pre NFPA 1971-2000 Edition Helmets; How old is your 1000?