Engel MD14 DC Fridge-Freezer

Engel MD14 DC Fridge-Freezer

Engel MD14 DC Fridge-Freezer Engel

Engel MD14 DC Fridge-Freezer

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Hello I work for a medical facility with five sites,we have 5 of your Fridge Freezers .I need 2 of your 12V Special Thermal fuses, who do I contact to order these fuses ?


Jim, this is the web site address www.engel-usa.com, we would recommend you go here 1st and ask their customer service.


I requested a price quote for (3) Engel Fridge-Freezers with Car adapters. I need to know if you have a SAM number, and what size business might you be?


We are a national distributor of thousands of items, one of the largest distributors in the public safety market place. We are considered a "small business" and we do indeed have a SAM number.


How much power does this draw in Watts?


Per the manufacturer the power consumption is variable from 0.87- 3.15 Amps (12V DC). I don't know the conversion to watts, sorry.


The specifications state that it can maintain temperatures from zero to 113 degrees - is this farenheight or celcius?

Kara RN

You can program for either setting.