PacMule Personal Escape Harness

PacMule Personal Escape Harness

PacMule Personal Escape Harness PacMule

PacMule Personal Escape Harness

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Large (34"-40")X-Large (42"-50")XX-Large (52"+)


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What is the melting temp of the nylon escape belt?


Hi Mike, what we can tell you is that there is no shelve life, nor a NFPA standard that applies to this item. If the nylon is melting you are in deep dodo, the amount of heat that will start to melt this will also be having an effect on your TOG also. Sorry we can't be much clearer.


Can this be left on our bunker gear all the time.


If you have the loops on your bunker pants already attached it can be left on the pants, if not you will need to add the loops or you can take the time to step into the harness.


I have a size 32 waist and want to thread this through the belt loops on my turnout pants, will the 34-40'' size be too big for daily use?


Ben a good question, your wording of threading this harness trough your belt loops is throwing us off here. If you look at the picture on the web site, you won't be able to thread this through belt loops, now having said that, if your pants has the harness loops sewn to them, they can be unsnapped so you can attach the harness and leave the harness on your pants. By saying this we mean you leave the leg harness's on the harness and do not remove them. As far as your waist size the 34" might seem a little big, but it will come down to how it feels to you.