Microflex Neopro Synthetic Glove

Microflex Neopro Synthetic Glove

Microflex Neopro Synthetic Glove Microflex

Microflex Neopro Synthetic Glove

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is this flashlight entrinsically safe?

No, this light is not intrinsically safe. Here is message from Pelican on this light: Bayco makes a few nice lights you can consider. Thanks for your question. CAUTION: This Pelican Flashlight is a high output Professional Grade Lighting Product and can generate significant heat and light intensity. Do not leave activated flashlight unattended. Do not cover activated flashlight. Do not place activated flashlight against combustible material or material that could be damaged by heat. Keep activated flashlight well ventilated. If the lamp is activated while in a case or other container, the lamp could overheat and cause damage to surrounding materials. http://www.thefirestore.com/store/product.cfm/pid_7661_nightstick_pro_xpp_5422_intrinsically_safe_dual_floodlight_and_flashlight/ http://www.thefirestore.com/store/product.cfm/pid_7660_nightstick_pro_xpp_5420_intrinsically_safe_flashlight/