CMC KASK Super Plasma Helmet

CMC KASK Super Plasma Helmet

CMC KASK Super Plasma Helmet CMC

CMC KASK Super Plasma Helmet

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Super PlasmaHi-Viz Super Plasma
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Does this product have a NSN (National Stock Number)?


We do not know of a NSN number for this product.


How long can we keep these helmets in service, is there a wear out date?


These helmets have a service life of five years.


How well is this suited for water rescue?


John, we don't see anything telling us one way or another, we do know that Certifications ANSI Z89.1-2009 American National Standard - Industrial Head Protection: Type I, Class C and CSA Z94.1-05 Canadian National Standard - Industrial Protective Headware: Type I, Class C NOTE: The KASK Super Plasma is a Type I, Class C helmet based on ANSI Z89.1-2009 classification. A helmet of Type I is designed to provide crown (top) impact protection. It is not intended to provide protection from lateral (side) impacts. Class C stands for Conductive and this class is not intended to provide protection from electrical conductors, and is not tested for electrical resistance