TFT New Force Low Profile Ball Intake Valve

TFT New Force Low Profile Ball Intake Valve

TFT New Force Low Profile Ball Intake Valve Task Force Tips New Force

TFT New Force Low Profile Ball Intake Valve

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What is the internal ball size?


Dale I sent your question to TFT and this is the response I received back from them; Hope this helps you,i didn't change anything from their email; The size of the ball is really pretty insignificant as it does not affect the overall flow capabilities of the valve and it is not a full ball. Technically, we say the ball has a 5.5" diameter. It is the 3.65" waterway at the seat that makes the difference. The jumbo series of intake valves have a 5.25" waterway at the seat.


My dept. is interested in the Task Force Tips Valve ABD8NX-NX In a drafting situation the valve is 6 inch on both sides. I would need to be able to flow thru the valve at the Capacity of the pump. My fire pump is a 1500 gpm pump. Can you get capacity of the fire pump thru this valve under the proper drafting conditions.

Capt Georgetown Fire Dept.

Captain, . Technically yes, you should be able to get the capacity of the pump but it will be close. The New Force BIV is a 3 5/8" opening, so you will be working the pump hard. Another issue with this valve is that it has a fixed position elbow which could make it difficult to attach your suction tubes. If you were looking for a better recommendation I would suggest the Jumbo BIV as that has a 5 ¼" opening and a swivel elbow which will make it much easier to attach your tubes.