Sterling FCX Self Rescue Device

Sterling FCX Self Rescue Device

Sterling FCX Self Rescue Device Sterling Rope

Sterling FCX Self Rescue Device

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What is the weight rating for descender?


We contacted the mfg. and this was their response back to us; This device is tested at a 300 pound load per NFPA., As the user weight goes up, some of the behavior of the equipment changes. For example, if you had a 350 pound user who shockloaded the device, as opposed to a 300, the device would slip a bit further before it locked off again. Conversely, a 100 pound user would slip less. So, we don't attach a specific number to it. We had someone ask about a 500 pound person the other day. We felt pretty comfortable saying no to that one, partly because we had serious doubt as to their suitability as an interior firefighter and partly because it just seemed to be pretty clearly unsuitable. So, if someone is asking, I think the answer is that "it depends".