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Uniden BC345CRS Scanner

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Clock Radio Base Scanner with 500 Channels in 10 Banks

Features Radio, Alarm Clock, and Weather Scan. This sleek, compact scanner brings a whole world of real-time information to your desk top. The BC340CRS can keep you informed and on time when every minute counts. It’s just what you’d expect from Uniden Bearcat, the industry leader in scanner technology.

This modern, multi-featured conventional channel scanner can store frequencies for police, fire/emergency, marine, air, amateur, and other radio services in 500 channels distributed over ten banks. It lets you listen to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather broadcasts for valuable information specific to your location. And it does so much more…

Use your scanner to monitor:

  • Desktop for mobile operation
  • Analog public safety channels
  • Police and fire departments (including rescue and paramedics)
  • NOAA weather transmissions (including Canadian Coast Guard channels)
  • Business/Industrial radio and utilities
  • Marine and amateur (ham radio) bands
  • Aircraft (commercial and private) band
  • Railroad
  • AM/FM Broadcast Stations
  • TV Channels 2-13


  • Channel Memory Scanning - Scans stored frequencies or banks at a rate of up to 60 channels per second.
  • Memory Availability - Store and scan up to 500 channels distributed over 10 banks.
  • Direct Channel Access - Press 0 - 9 and HOLD to directly access any stored frequency.
  • Channel Lockout/Frequency Lockout - Enables you to skip over stored frequencies for faster scanning. Lets you designate up to 50 frequencies to skip during a search (limit or service) to increase the scanning speed.
  • Alarm Clock with Snooze - Provides standard radio broadcasts that you can set as your alarm sound.
  • AM/FM and TV 2-13 Broadcast - Lets you store up to 30 preset broadcast channels (10 AM and 20 FM/TV) for quick access.
  • Priority Channel - Designate a specific frequency as a Priority Channel. The radio scans and checks that channel every 2 seconds. Select and designate up to 10 frequencies as Priority Channels (one per bank).
  • Duplicate Channel Alert - Lets you know that a selected frequency has already been programmed into memory if you attempt to store it again.
  • Limit Frequency Searching - Lets you designate a lower and upper frequency range to search within that range for active frequencies. You can then store frequencies in memory as channels for later recall.
  • Service Search - Lets you designate one of the five pre-programmed service channels (Police, Fire/EMS, Air, Ham, Marine) to search.
  • Weather (WX) Scan -Scan the pre-programmed weather channels.
    • Scan Speed: 60 channels per second maximum in SCAN MODE.
    • Search Speed 60: steps per second maximum in SEARCH MODE.
    • TURBO MODE: 180 steps per second for frequency steps 5kHz apart, in TURBO MODE.
  • Clock Display - Displays the time in standby mode. Alarm sounds up to 20 minutes or be shut off manually. A convenient snooze button lets you silence the alarm for an extra 5-minutes.
  • Delay - You can enable or disable the 2-second delay to resume scanning when a transmission ends. Enabling this feature helps prevent missing a response from one of the parties in the transmission.
  • LCD Backlight - You can enable or disable the LCD back-lighted display.
  • Key Touch Tone - A tone sounds to confirm you have made a valid key input while a different tone alerts you of an invalid entry.
  • EEPROM Memory Backup - Uses a non-volatile EEPROM for memory backup.
  • Battery Back-Up - 3 AA Batteries (Not Included).
  • Battery Alert - Icon alerts you to a no battery installed condition and a battery low voltage condition. An alert tone sounds when the battery needs to be replaced. Back-up battery powers the clock and scanning for a short time when power is off.
  • Auto Power Off - Turns the scanner off when battery power gets too low.
  • One-Year Warranty - Uniden backs this product with a One-Year Limited Warranty.


  • BC340CRS Scanner
  • Telescoping Antenna
  • All Loop Antenna
  • 120 V AC Adapter
  • Operating Guide
  • Registration Form
  • Other printed material

Technical Specifications:

Band Coverage: 16 Bands
Frequency Range:

Range (MHz) StepMode
0.5300 to 1.700010 MHzAM AM Broadcast
25.0000 to 27.99505 kHzAM AM Band
28.0000 to 29.99505 kHzFM 10 Meter Amateur Band
30.0000 to 49.99505 kHzFM VHF Low Band
50.0000 to 54.00005 kHzFM 6 Meter Amateur Band
59.7500, 65.7500, 71.7500, 81.7500, 87.75006 MHzWFM TV Broadcast Pickup 2ch-6ch
88.0000 to 107.9000100 kHzWFM FM Broadcast
108.0000 to 136.987512.5 kHzAM Aircraft Band
137.0000 to 143.99505 kHzFM Military Land Mobile
144.0000 to 147.99505 kHzFM 2 Meter Amateur Band
148.0000 to 174.00005 kHzFM VHF High Band
179.7500, 185.7500, 191.7500, 197.7500, 203.7500, 209.7500, 215.75006 MHzWFM TV Broadcast Pickup 7ch-13ch
406.0000 to 419.99386.25 kHzFM Federal Gov. Land Mobile
420.0000 to 449.99386.25 kHzFM 70cm Amateur Band
450.0000 to 469.99386.25 kHzFM UHF Standard Band
470.0000 to 512.00006.25 kHzFM UHF TV

Weather Service Channel:
162.4000 MHz 162.5250 MHz
162.4250 MHz 162.5500 MHz
162.4500 MHz 161.6500 MHz
162.4750 MHz 161.7750 MHz
162.5000 MHz 163.2750 MHz

Sensitivity (nominal) 12dB SNAD:
0.5 µV 0.53-1.70 MHz
0.4 µV 25-27.995 MHz
0.3 µV 28-54 MHz
0.8 µV 59.75-107.9 MHz
0.4 µV 108-136.9875 MHz
0.3 µV 137-174 MHz
1.0 µV 179.75-215.75 MHz
0.3 µV 406-512 MHz

Channels: 500 (50 channels x 10 Banks)
Scan Rate: Up to 60 channels per second
Search Rate: Up to 60 steps per second
Time Accuracy: +/- 20 seconds per month at normal temperature (25°C ± 5°C)
Audio Output(normal): 0.9W Max
Power Requirements: 120V AC (±10%) 60Hz
Antenna: Telescoping (included), AM Radio Loop Antenna (included)
External Jacks:
Antenna jack
AM Radio Antenna Jack
Headphone Jack
DC 12V Power Jack
Accessories: AC Adapter (AD-1008)
Speaker: 8 ohm, 2 watt
Operating Temp: -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temp: -20°C to +60°C
Size: 209(W) x 147.75(D) x 80.7(H) mm
Weight: 1 lb.6 oz (without antenna)

Certificated accordance with FCC Rules and Regulations Part 15 Subpart C as of date of manufacture.
Features, specification, and availability of optional accessories are all subject to change without notice.

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"My fire company just switched over to digital high band, will this scanner work with that?"

This scanner will work on freq. up to 460.000 to 512.000, you are telling us you are a high band, this would be a 150.000 freq. but this works on an analog radio freq. We don't think this will work on a Digital freq. You should find out what freq. your fire company is working off of and then I would check with Uniden web site and ask them what scanner they recommend.

"how come my channels wont come in"

Mark, from what I can see on our web page you should get everything EXCEPT the 700 and 800 freq. are you using Analog public safety channels? If you are trying to get the new digital channels I don't think they will work either. Find out what the system is your trying to listen to and contact Uniden's web site and see if they can offer some suggestions, or e mail us back and I'll see if I can contact them.

"Hi there, I'm a police officer in Maryland. I was interested in trying to get a scanner for my grandparents so they could listen in to whats going on. One of the few questions I have is would I even be able to get my departments frequency on this scanner? And would distance be an issue? They live almost 200 miles away. I would seriously appreciate any help you guys could give me on this matter."

Gary,I would love to answer your questions, but I don't think I'm in position to do so. If I were you I would contact Uniden/Bearcat through their website, and direct your questions to them, Be sure to have your radio freq at hand when you are talking to them, where I live we are lucky to be able to hear from one side of the county to the other side

"why won't this scanner pick up the police, fire department, anymore since they switched to digital high band here in sulphur springs, how can I get this to pick up channels on this analog . please contact me on my site to let me what to do."

If you are trying to get the new digital channels I don't think they will work. Find out what the system is your trying to listen to and contact Uniden's or Bear Cat web site and see if they can offer some suggestions. There are not very many scanners on the market that will receive the digital channels.

"Antenna how could I buy the antenna for my scanner"

I would go to the Uniden Bearcat web site and find your model scanner and look for the parts and order it there.


Hi Kat, didn't you get an antenna with the scanner? Where did you get the scanner from? If you look at the box that it came in and or the directions that came with it they should say what is included with this, and were pretty sure an antenna is part of that. If you find that your missing something then contact the company from where you received this from. If you got this from us, you should have received a blue paper that needs to be filled out and sent back to us. Just copied this from the bottom of our web page; Includes telescoping antenna, also the picture from the web site shows the antenna

"why won't this scanner pick up the police, fire department, anymore since they switched to digital high band here in sulphur springs, how can I get this to pick up channels on this analog . please contact me on my site to let me what to do."

cant get police

"Is this compatable with 12 volt d.c. and 110 volt. a.c."

Yes Power Requirements: 120V AC (__10%) 60Hz DC 12V Power Jack Accessories: AC Adapter (AD-1008) NOTE; BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT FREQ. AND IF IT'S A ANALOG SYSTEM; A DIGITAL SYSTEM AND 700 OR 800 FREQ THIS WILL NOT WORK.

"How many MHz does this product have?"

For this information please see the table under Technical Specifications.